It is with great sadness that we recognize the passing of Tony Rajer. Tony was a dear friend to Rudy and an ardent advocate and ambassador for the artwork. He is deeply missed.

Rudy Rotter's Spirit-Driven Art:
The Odyssey and Evolution of an Artistic Vision

by Anton Rajer

"This is a detailed and devoted study of the work and life of Rudy Rotter, a retired dentist in his eighties who has created over 15,000 works of art during the course of his life. He has housed his creations in a massive warehouse, the extraordinary indoor environment of 'Rudy Rotter's Museum of Sculpture' in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The book traces the development of his art, his personal history and chronology and looks at ways of preserving the environment in the future. A well researched and documented book which pays justifiable homage to a unique artist and his vast body of work." -- Raw Vision, Summer 1998

While the book, which wonderfully illustrates the man behind the prodigious production and the fantastic "museum" he created to house it, is no longer available for retail sale ... copies are periodically offered for sale via online art sites.

A reference copy is maintained by the MWA Wisconsin Art Archive and Research Library. as well as at other public archive resources.

* Download book in PPT format:  Rudy Rotter Book - (130 megabyte file)
Online Slide Deck:  Rudy Rotter Book - (lower quality - faster load time)